Winter Maintenance Time.

Winter Maintenance Time.

Inheriting equipment as a result of M&A presents new challenges to plant and equipment departments.  Hear how Aran focuses on developing strong relationships with machine owners to help them achieve successful outcomes in terms of maintenance and operation of inherited equipment.

Windsor ON Canada pavement construction company, Coco Paving, has an ever growing business and equipment fleet.  As a result of acquiring other construction companies in the region, Coco inherited an Aran ASR280E series mobile mixing plant a few years ago.

The ASR280 mobile mixing plant is a key component of Coco Paving’s asphalt production. Quarried materials sourced for many of Coco’s projects require the addition of lime (1%) prior to use in its asphalt plants.  Without the accurate addition and homogeneous distribution of lime, the production of a successful pavement would not be possible.   Producing 150,000 tonnes conditioned material each construction season requires the mixing plant to be operated up to 5 days each week, often for double shifts to meet project demands.   This level of equipment utilisation limits opportunity to service and maintenance.

During a recent visit to Coco Paving’s maintenance facility Aran performed an informal equipment audit ahead of the next construction season.   When major maintenance is restricted to one period per year (winter), the extent of the work required can be significant.  It is not uncommon for some plant operators to focus on pushing material through the mixer towards the end of the project or season and sacrifice the condition of the mixer.  Thus, mixer effectiveness, efficiency and the resulting mix quality and energy consumption are compromised.

To their credit, the maintenance team at Coco have been thorough and resourceful.  Whilst their familiarity of the machine was initially limited, with Aran’s help, they have are coming up to speed with the function of the plant and areas of the plant requiring attention.

This winter (2015/16) this machine is receiving a full engine and mixer rebuild.

Aran has assisted Coco with the replacement all major components for mixer, including new shafts and wearing components, special housings and delivered recommendations for other system service.

We always want to learn from Aran machine owners, operators and maintenance teams.  Learn about their experiences on the job, in the workshop or at the boardroom table.  We have a lot to learn and a lot of experience to contribute.

As an owner of an Aran machine, you not only have the support of a committed and experienced team, but a network of passionate and skillful operators.

If you have an operational or maintenance challenge with your mixing plant, get in touch.  We’d like to connect with you and help you achieve the very best from your equipment and projects.

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Fully Mixer Refurbishment

Full Mixer Refurbishment and Silo Feeder Service

Often it is more efficient and cost effective to replace mixing shafts during heavy maintenance.

Often it is more efficient and cost effective to replace mixing shafts during heavy maintenance.