Roller Compacted Concrete Dams

If you are considering producing large volumes of concrete for dam construction, Aran mixing and process systems are ideal – since the early 1980’s Aran has been involved with and promoted Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) dam construction on a global scale.

Our mixing systems have been proven to excel in the production of this relatively low moisture, dense material on many major projects – get in touch to find out more.

Get Your RCC Brouchure

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RCC Attributes:

  • Economical Strong Pavement
  • Low Water Content (no free water)
  • Lower Cement Content (achieves same strength)
  • Rapid Construction Cycles
  • Long Service Life
  • Quick Access to Operational Service
  • No Rutting, Shoving or Pushing
  • Low Maintenance
  • Mass Placement