Mobile Mixing Plant

Aran mobile mixing plants have long set the standard in ultra mobility and excellent mixing performance.

Aran’s New Generation mobile mixing plant, Environmix, reflects our focus on creating equipment which is both safe for operators and takes a lead in respecting our environment.

Modern Aran mobile mixing/processing systems are more than operator and environmentally friendly, their capabilities extend beyond being the ideal solution for processing construction materials, they care for our environment through an increased capacity to process contaminated soils and sludges for neutralization.

  • Accurate and high performance
  • Hands free remote operation optional
  • Aran Easy Clean Features
  • Ultimate Mobility – no requirement for cranes or concrete foundations
  • Easy mixing of difficult materials
  • Travels safely at highway speeds
  • Mixes from 150 – 300 compacted cubic meters per hour (soils & aggregates)
    • 20 – 200 compacted cubic meters per hour (slurries & pastes)
  • Can handle variable load sizes
  • Versatile – is able to handle a wide variety of materials
  • Produces high quality products
  • Accurately proportions ingredient materials
  • Remotely operated (optional) – environmental materials are often toxic
  • Electrically powered mixer and feeders
  • No onboard engine – removing high cost maintenance and environmental risks
  • Feeder design allow easier replacement of pre-spliced feed belts
  • Has the power to handle the most difficult materials
  • Road Construction material
  • Roller Compacted Concrete Pavements/Dams
  • Soil remediation
  • Landfill site preparation
  • Backfill Materials
  • Further unlimited applications