Silo Systems

Aran has over 30 years of international development and technology experience which has gone into making reliable silos of a simple and functional design.

  • Modular Silos
  • Mobile Silos
  • Bulk Storage Site Silos
  • 12 – 215 cubic meters per silo
  • Silo clusters of multiple units

Fully Integrated Packages Include:

  • Filtration and fill control
  • Discharge and metering systems
  • Dense phase transfer systems
  • Bulker bag unloading systems

Dense Phase Transfer Systems

The Aran pressure transfer system has been specifically developed to transfer particulate binders such as cement and flyash from bulk storage silos or bulk bags to other storage or operating silos.


  • Total Theoretical capacity of the system starts from 21m3/hr upwards
  • Transfer material under pressure of positive displacement blower
  • System can be extended to deal with a number of input and output units
  • PLC system monitors the status of connected feeding systems and the silos to which it transfers
  • If supplied with Aran mixing plant, a level monitoring is provided for each silo to ensure precise and accurate control of transferring material
  • Modular kit includes all valves, mechanical and electrical components for a stand alone (independent) operation or integrated to a plant.
  • Bulker bag unloader receives material from bulk transport bags. Includes unloading, dust extraction & transfer systems