Philippines is a rapidly developing nation with many thousands of kilometers of road pavements to construct and maintain – testing climatic conditions, increasing traffic and punishing heavy vehicle loads result in premature pavement failures.

With a lack of available space and time permitted for road closures, Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) pavements present a compelling solution to the reconstruction of failed pavements and RCC can also meet the need for new pavements to be constructed quickly, cost effectively and opened quickly to traffic.

Following the many applications of RCC pavements in North America, Cemex Philippines has introduced the innovative pavement construction technology to the Philippines.  After a comprehensive study in 2014 of materials, construction process and equipment used for RCC, the first test pavements have been placed in greater Manila, April 2015.

A new Volvo ABG paver and Aran mixing plant where selected to be the cornerstones of their RCC business.  This is an equipment partnership which extends back to the early 1980’s when Aran and ABG equipment was used first for soil cement and RCC in Australia and the United States.

The Aran modular mixing system used for producing the RCC in the Philippines is based on well proven technology employed over 25 years ago and still constructing the majority of the RCC pavements in North America today.

The Aran WBS series plant (based on heritage Aran technology) manufactured in Asia, presented Cemex a plant relevant to the commercial environment and capable of delivering accurate material proportioning and mixer performance, critical for RCC.

Cemex are motivated and equipped to expand their business with RCC.  Successful construction of RCC pavements demands attention to material selection and gradation, mix handling and logistics, to ensure a densely compacted pavement is achieved.

It is without a doubt, the team at Cemex Philippines have the skills, the commitment and now the equipment to see RCC become a leading construction method in the Philippines.

To learn more about Roller Compacted Concrete and why Cemex chose Aran technology to start their RCC business in the Philippines, get in touch through our contact page.

New Aran WBS300, heritage Aran technology for modern area (image below)

Aran WBS300 Continuous Mixing Plant 4bins1silo

Aran continuous mixer producing RCC

Mixing RCC

Starting a new run of RCC pavement.  Pavement trials in greater Manila, Philippines

VolvoABG Paver placing RCC pavement

Early RCC Pavement Trial

RCC Pavement Trial