Keeping your pugmill looking like new? The best start to the new construction season.

Recently I was in Quebec to visit two Aran mobile plants owned by Cement Quebec.  Two ASR250X machines, each with three aggregate feed hoppers capable of producing 400tph of mixed product.  The machines are operated and maintained by les Carriers St Dominique.

This was a great opportunity to meet with both companies and hear about the interesting RCC work being carried out in Canada.  From small to large projects, these machines solely mix Roller Compacted Concrete.  These guys really know how to build strong and robust pavements in a cost and time efficient way.

Winter time in Canada is the perfect time to maintain the machines ahead of the next construction season.  These two machines are about 25 years old, not that you can tell.  A new coat of paint and comprehensive mechanical maintenance, these machines are almost as good as new.  They perform a new also!  Cement feed accuracy at 0.0125% over 800 tons.  When you are consuming cement at 54 tph, accuracy like this ensures material costs are well contained.

If you’d like to hear some more about the innovations Cement Quebec are employing towards the development of Paver Compacted Concrete ( or RCC), let me know.

You would like to learn more about how to achieve excellent control on your cement feed rates?  Get in touch and I’ll tell you more.  [email protected]

Sitting idle in winter?

Sitting idle in winter?

Looking like new

Looking like new


A quick trip – 10 flights, 7 days

I’m regularly travelling to see our clients and it does amazing things to the body clock!  Learning to love the sun whether its the middle of the night or the middle of the day is a handy trick.  That and wearing an eye mask.  On a more serious note, I’m excited to see the two mobile mixing plants in Montreal, Canada.  They have been working on some terrific RCC projects.  I’ll post some more about this topic soon.

Until then it’s all about the end-product – airport interiors!

Hong Kong internationalSunrise in AmsterdamCanadaEh

Ipswich, Queensland, Australia

Year: 2009

Machine Number:  1081

Customer: Origin Alliance
Location: Ipswich, Queensland, Australia

The upgrade of the Ipswich motorway has been a landmark infrastructure project in Queensland during 2009 to 2010.

An Aran paste backfill plant (MODUMIX II-P) was used to produce mine fill paste and slurry for filling abandoned underground coal mine stopes and tunnels which lay under the new motorway alignment.

Backfill was delivered around the construction site in mixer trucks for pumping underground. The backfill product was based on flyash reclaimed from a local thermal power station, crusher dust, cement, and treated water.

Highly fluctuating moisture contents in the flyash were accommodated in Aran’s intuitive computer control system.

Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia

Year: 2009

Machine Number:  1077

Customer: Daracon Group
Location: Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia

Aran’s mobile mixing plant Environmix has been an engineering masterpiece for the flexible operational needs of road construction contractors.
With its self erecting silo and discharge conveyor there is neither a need for long labour hours nor heavy lifting equipment to establish operation.

Setting up the machine ready for production can happen within one day. The package also includes Aran’s self-clearing hydraulic scalping grizzly.

Daracon now utilises 5 mobile mixing plants, the Environmix is the flagship of their mobile site mixing operations.