Supporting your Pavement Construction

You need to do the job well, right?  Your clients rely on you and ideally you will rely on Aran – through decades working in material handling and placement, our systems have been developed to deliver your job efficiently and leave behind roadbase and pavement with an extended life cycles.

To support this we promote and educate our associates through training seminars that look at the latest in construction methods, drawing from experience in providing slipform concrete for motorways in Europe, roadbase in China and Roller Compacted Concrete pavements in North America.

Remember – if you are looking for highly accurate “through metering” and “high intensity mixing”, we have provided construction companies with our unique and internationally proven technology.  Looking for pavement quality and construction efficiency beyond your expectations? Get in touch.


Using Aran mixing systems makes superior roadbase – it’s important to achieve accurate blending and homogeneous mixing when laying roadbase, as this ensures your pavement is smooth and durable.

Have a look at some of our clients laying roadbase in our video section.

Roller Compacted Concrete Pavements

Aran mobile mixing plants have proven to be the plant of choice to the production of Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) for pavement projects internationally.

Aran machines can be established rapidly for even small pavement projects.

With a high intensity these mobile plants are capable of producing high quality, homogeneously mixed low moisture Roller Compacted Concrete at large volumes.

RCC is a zero slump concrete that is placed and roller compacted.

  • Economical strong pavement
  • Low Water content
  • Lower cement content than slump concrete
RCC is mixed in a continuous Aran mixing plants and placed with a double tamper bar asphalt paver in layers of 200mm then compacted with a drum roller or 18 tones
  • Cement: 300 kg/m3 (some mix designs are as low as 100kg/m3)
  • Water: 104 L/m3
  • Sand 849 kg/m3
  • Aggregate: 1222 kg/m3 (5-14mm)

Slipform Pavements

Slipformed concrete pavements require highly accurate and consistent methods of construction if they are to perform reliably and delivery the rideability pavement users demand.

If you take providing quality pavement seriously, we focus on the end product as much as you do.  The metering and mixing systems Aran has developed ensure the concrete you will produce matches your need.

How do we know?  Aran mixing systems produce concrete of higher than demanded quality around the world. Get in touch to find out more.

Get Your RCC Brouchure

Learn more about projects and Aran’s innovative precision mixing equipment sanctioned around the world for Roller-Compacted Concrete (RCC) production by clicking on our brochure to the left.

RCC Attributes:

  • Economical Strong Pavement
  • Low Water Content (no free water)
  • Lower Cement Content (achieves same strength)
  • Rapid Construction Cycles
  • Long Service Life
  • Quick Access to Operational Service
  • No Rutting, Shoving or Pushing
  • Low Maintenance
  • Mass Placement