Aran Stringline system will revolutionise how you set up your concrete paving and excavation projects. A simple to use system which saves setting up time and allows quick simple adjustment without the need for tools. The products feature the Anvil INSTAJUST stringline clamp which is just as the name says Instant to Adjust. This system allows you to adjust both axis by simply squeezing the clamp bracket.

No tools – No Moving Parts – No Fuss – Contact us to order

Aran supplies in 300 and 500 metre rolls.


  • SL120 Single Action Clamp
    – Time saving single action clamp
    – 319 Aluminium alloy
    – Corrosion resistant
  • SL121 Independent Action Clamp
    – Teardropped shaped holes
    – Independent clamping – loosen vertical without affecting horizontal adjustment
    – 319 Aluminum alloy
    – Corrosion resistant
  • SL122 Instajust Clamp
    – Instajust Spring Action Clamp
    – Heat treated steel
    – Corrosion resistant
    – No bolts or wrenches required
  • SL123 Steel Clamp
    – Teardropped shaped holes
    – Independent clamping
    – Zinc plated steel box construction
    – Corrosion resistant
  • SL127 Sonic Clamp
    – Clamp for sonic grade control
    – Zinc plated
    – Corrosion resistant
    – Clamp retains cord
    – Heat-treated steel
  • SL110 Standard Downward Bend
    – Standard Aran line rob with downward bend for all paver sensors sprung upwards
  • SL111 Modified Upward Bend
    – Stringline rod modified for all top sensing machines – straight or upward bend
  • SL112 Threaded Line Rod
    – Replaceable Line tip (SL116)
    – Cold drawn steel
    – 3/8” diameter x 18” long
    – Corrosion resistant
    – Zinc plated
  • SL116 Yellow Plastic Line Tip
    – Self-threading on to SL112
    – Durable nylon
    – Replaceable
  • 120mm length
  • ¾” diameter (19mm)