Hobart, Tasmania

Year: 2007

Machine Number:
B022 – Flexiclean 610L Mixer complete with 55m3 Silo, Silo Feeder, Auxiliary Hopper and Feeder

Customer: Hazell Brothers
Location: Hobart, Tasmania

Reprocessing Zinc Refinery Waste Products. The Aran plant stabilized stockpiled waste product and reconditioned it suitable for shipping for reprocessing. Waste product had a typical particle size of less than 1mm. Production rates of approximately 300 cubic meters per hour were comfortably achieved.

Medellin, Colombia

Year:  1995

Machine Number:
1052 & 1053 Modumix II

Customer: Consorcio Porce II
Location: Medellin, Colombia

Two Aran Modumix II-4 mixing plants produced approximately 1,000,000 cubic meters of chilled RCC and Slipform Concrete.